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Strongest position on BI-projects market in Russia
Looking for BI-developers for your project/client?

BI Partner is the leading russian IT-company deeply focused on business intelligence and data warehousing technologies and services. Since its foundation in 2002 the company has realized more then 100 pojects dedicated to data management and information analysis.

Our clients are very different enterprises from a wide varety of industries. BI Partner has a great knowledge and expertise in methodologies, technologies and software that allow us to achieve success in finance, retail, FMCG, pharma and telco as BI-projects partner without dipping in business problem. There are a lot of global integrational enterprises among our clients:

Allianz Rosno Deltacredit (Societe Generale) Rosbank Societe Generale UniCreditBank
Unilever Nidan Coca Cola MaryKay Philips
Novartis Raiffeisenbank Johnson & Johnson BPTNK
MetLife Pfizer Sanofi Stockmann
AstraZeneca Baskin Robbins Nespresso Sberbank CIB
  Toyota Motor Align Technology  

BI Partner is a partner of leading vendors which define future of business intelligence and information management technologies, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Qlik Tech and have in use their software in projets.

Outsourcing for BI development services and Oracla DBA

Now we are pleased to announce the NEW initiative connected with development, roll-out and maintenance of business intelligence systems in Europe, Middle East, USA and Canada. We could provide you with a very attractive offer for high-quality professional services connected with DWH design, ETL procedures, semantic layer, analytical reports, dashboards and other BI-components development as well as Oracle databases administration.

We could cooperate using several models:

Times and Materials

We fix the man-hour rate for all claimed roles and calculate the cost of services every month based on actual volumes of services.

Fixed price

We evaluate every small or large task using TR-documents, calculate the cost using man-hour rates and start to provide the services after approvement.

Fixed + T&M

Monthly fixed payment for limited volume of services plus payment for additional hours based of man-hour rates. For maintenance&support only.

Please find more detailed information dedicated to skills and expertise in BI-development, ETL-jobs development and Oracla database administration.

We are ready to discuss profitable cooperation with you using e-mail and voice. Please contact us:

+7 495 969-2696






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